La Boheme Mission Statement  

La Boheme is Santa Barbara's #1 COMMUNITY Dance Group!  Winning multiple awards in 2017 and 2016! We are a fun, supportive, non-competitive community of dancers with varying levels of background and experience, with a focus on performance and collaboration. Our goal is to Support our Community and  spread the joy of dance, creativity and artistic expression to dancers and audience alike -- and to create a fun and intriguing vibe wherever and whenever we perform.  Oh, and we love costumes, too!

Our History

La Boheme was started by Teresa Kuskey Nowak at the request of several dancers who were excited to come together to perform in the 2014 Santa Barbara Solstice Parade. She quickly rallied a group of dancers to support her in key positions. Teresa has always wanted to start her own Dance Group and the Solstice parade came at the right time.  She even had the La Boheme name picked out!  The Solstice Parade was a big success!  Before we knew it we were doing Fiesta and the French Festival! Teresa seeing her vision come alive renamed La Boheme to the La Boheme professional Dance Group. Again knowing to have a successful company she needed to be surrounded by the best and in the Spring of 2015, La Boheme's Board of Directors was formed.  We have basically been performing and growing since that first Solstice Parade in 2014, with no end in sight!  Our love of dance and community outreach continues to push us forward into new and exciting ventures!    La Boheme today is now the #1 Community Dance Group in Santa Barbara and some say, "The World"! :) They have been described as the, "Wow" factor!  "When La Boheme enters the room the level of excitement goes up."  We are pleased and grateful for our success!  We THANK our wonderful Board, and our wonderful dancers!

Performance for CASA, at the Bacara, March 2015, with (front) Tracey Reginato, Malisa Neal, Teresa Kuskey Nowak (back) Anjali Oertel, Karen Lehman, Amber Noelle, and Tiffany Story


Leadership Positions of La Boheme

Director - Teresa Kuskey Nowak

Assistant Directors - Karen Lehman and Susie Subject

Treasurer - Tracey Reginato

Attendance - Malisa Neal and Tracey Reginato

Communications - Anjali Oertel

Marketing - Susie Subject

Adviser - Robert Adams